About Janine

I am the mother to two beautiful young women

From a very young girl I’ve loved being around women and babies though it was the birth of my first daughter after a non labour caesarean that led me being a midwife after being visited by the community midwife.  The midwife unlike any other that I had previously met had an amazing imprint on me that left me wanting to be with other women during this transformation from women to mother.  It was not until the next spontaneous Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC or NBAC) that I really felt determined to pursue my career as a midwife.  The enormous alteration of myself that took place that early morning changed me as a mother and women forever.  At the time I had no idea that this experience could be so mind altering , so perfectly designed to cause me to protect, nurture and love my baby right from the beginning.  It was in reflection Postnatally and comparison that it was clearly the Birth experience that had caused such an instictive change and I wanted to share it with all women.

When birth is undisturbed, our birthing hormones can take us into ecstasy, outside our usual state, so that we enter motherhood awakened and transformed.
— Dr S J Buckley

  • I begun my journey in Aged Care as a Personal carer , then became an Enrolled Nurse , then a Registered Nurse and then a Registered Midwife.
  • Originally I sought out working with a Homebirth Midwife though as a single mother at the time it was not the right time for me and began a decade of moving through different options of Maternity Care from Private Hospitals, Midwifery Group Practice Settings in Public Funded and even commenced a Public Funded Homebirth Program at Randwick Women’s Hospital.
  • It was through a slow thought sure evolvement that I am now working with women for women as an Independent Midwife, whether they choose to birth at Home or in a Birth Centre or Hospital I believe that Continuum of Care and building relationships with women and their families leads to better outcomes for mother, baby and family